Welcome to Killer Queen Knits!

Welcome to my first post on Killer Queen Knits!

Its official, I love to crochet.

One might even say I am a bit obsessed with it.

I’m not afraid to admit it. I adore obsessing over things.

Things like:

  • My love of Bono, (Helloooo. He was my first love at age 12 after all. Then my hubby. He is fully aware FYI)


  • Traveling & collecting fabric and yarn on said traveling adventures. Oh, and snow globes
  • My Bulldog Henry


  • Make-up/Fabric/Yarn hoarding, (as I keep telling the husband, I could have WAY worse addictions)
  • Music. It’s everything. You will see this as a theme throughout my posts.


**A note**I have a MASSIVE soft spot for Soft Rock and Boybands.



BSB forever. Am I right?

But I am a melting pot. I do not limit myself to just these categories. *See Love of Bono in point #1*

These are just a few things that you should know about me, since these themes will be shared along the way throughout my blogging journey. I hope to share crafty, fun, and beautiful things with anyone who cares to come along with me! There will of course be crocheting, but I will also chat about knitting, sewing and some felting (me newest craft-love). So welcome friends! Stay Gold & Shine On!


Your Killer Queen